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"I don't know what reception I'm at,
but for God's sake give me a gin and tonic"
- Denis Thatcher

6 O'clock Gin  /  England / 40%
Combine precisely balanced Six O'clock Gin with our perfectly matched Six O'clock Tonic to create your own moment of "ginspiration". Balance, poise and precision; three imperatives in the mind of engineer and inventor Edward Kain. With meticulous attention to detail he created mechanical works of art, documented in blueprints that are still treasured today. A blueprint for gin deserves the same balance, poise and precision, which Edward's great grandson, Michael, uses to make Six O'Clock Gin. Inspired by his forefather, Michael carefully selects and precisely balances Juniper with six other botanicals to chime together as sweetly as any timepiece. Orange Peel adds a citrus in delightful harmony with floral Elderflower. The result is a clean, smooth and richly flavoured gin. Edward was known for restraint in gin consumption and looked forward to 6'O Clock, his time for 'ginspiration'.

Adnams Copper House First Rate Gin  /  England / 48%
A gin from Southwold brewers Adnams, bottled at a chunky 48%. It's a traditional juniper led gin with a nice heavy palate and a great kick.
Antonio Nadal Dry Gin  /  Majorca / 40%
A distilled dry gin by Antonio Nadal, ideal for cocktails. It is also sold in 4 cl bottles ideal for minibars and flight catering.
Arcus Golden Cock  /  Norway / 38%
Arcus Golden Cock is a modern gin distilled by Arcus AS in Norway. The ingredients used in making Arcus Golden Cock is citrus peel, coriander seed and juniper.

Aviation Gin  /  USA / 42%
New batch-distilled US gin. Distillers Lee Medoff and Christian Krogstad have teamed up with Seattle mixologist Ryan Magarian to produce a new gin based on the fuller-bodied Dutch style with rye neutral grain spirit and what they describe as a ‘botanical democracy’ of Juniper, Cardamom, Coriander, Lavender, Anise, Sarsaparilla and Orange Peel.

Baron Z Premium Gin  /  Sweden / 40%
Baron Z Premium Gin was created to attract the classic and the modern consumer with a blend of Highland Juniper from Austria that have less bitterness, Coriander leaf (not seed) from Siberia, Cardamon from India, that balance all the ingredients, Lemon from Sicily with it´s freshness together with Bergamot, Bitter Orange and Lime.

Bayswater London Dry Gin  /  England / 43%
The gin is named after the famous London district "Bayswater" and is a classic distilled London Dry Gin, made in the only distillery left in London which both distils and bottles its gin in London. It is an outstanding London Dry Gin, elaborated using 100% grain spirit, following our original artisan recipe, with the perfect and unchanging combination of botanicals. It is distilled 5 independent times in hand crafted pott still and always produced in small batches.
The bottle is made in an artisanal way in France. It has a wooden and branded stopper. The London district of Bayswater is reproduced on the back of the bottle and can be appreciated through the glass. It transmits the construction of the Metro station in the 1920s.

Beefeater Gin  /  England / 40%
Beefeater is one of the classic London Dry gins, with a juniper-driven, crisp dry style enhanced by citrus and exotic aromatics. A consistently reliable full-flavoured gin.

Beefeater 24 Gin / England  /  45%
A brand new expression from Beefeater, slow-distilled (hence the moniker) and bottled at a higher strength. Beefeater 24 deserves to be livening up a glass of tonic near you.

Berkley Square Gin /  England / 40%
A London gin named after one of the capital's most prestigious addresses, Berkeley Square is a super-premium gin from G & J Greenall, who have macerated unusual botanicals including basil, lavendar and kaffir lime leaves in a copper potstill to produce this 'Authentically Superior' creation.
Biostilla Organic Gin /  Italy / 37,5%
The producer Alfons Walcher Estates Distillery was one of the first in the province of South Tyrol to receive the "Bioland" Quality Certificate. Biostilla Organic Gin embody all the natural wholesomeness of South Tyrol. Not only because all of the raw materials they use are derived exclusively from organic farmlands. Not only because they can all be traced back to their point of origin. Also, because the waterbath distillation technique is an especially gentle method that retains the unique aromas of the individual raw materials.

Bitter Truth Sloeberry Blue Gin Liqueur /  Austria / 40%
Made with top-end junioper spirit from Hans Reisetbauer, a famous Austrian distiller, Bitter Truth sloe gin is flavoured only with fresh sloeberries. Despite the name, however, it's not blue.
Blackfriars London Dry Gin /  England / 43%
Blackfriars Gin is the gold medal winner of the International Spirits Challenge 2013. The Challenge rigorously judges the all-round quality of the beverage through an independent panel, and our Blackfriars Gin fought off competition to win the top prize this year.

Blackwood's Gin 60% /  Scotland / 60%
A top quality gin made using botanicals from Shetland, including Wild Water Mint, Meadowsweet and Sea Pink flowers. Blackwood's is also unusual in that is released with a vintage statement for each small batch distilled.

Bloom Premium Gin /  England / 40%
With its ornate jewel-cut bottle, BLOOM's fresh flavour offers a strikingly smooth, soft taste. This triple distilled gin uses demineralised fresh spring water and natural botanicals for its flavour. Created from juniper, chamomile, pomelo and honeysuckle it offers a light, refreshing experience rounded with subtle notes of honey and orange.

Blue Gin /  Austria / 43%
The rich array of botanicals in Hans Reisetbauer’s Blue Gin lend it a warmly complex but fresh nose with sweet juniper, spices and floral tones. The palate is soft and balanced with citrus notes of orange and lemongrass, and finishes smoothly with the warm spiciness of cardamom, and ginger. Best sipped and enjoyed on its own, it makes a complex and luxurious Gin and Tonic and is an elegant addition to premium mixed Cocktails.

Blue Ribbon Dry Gin / France / 40%
Founded in 2005, Oposit wines & spirits is an 'alliance' of northern and southern Europe, uniting the passion of two wine and spirit enthusiasts: Bent Karlsen from Norway and Gautier Beau de Loménie from France. Blue Ribbon is a five times distilled, pure grain gin produced in a micro-distillery. The bain-marie distillation process using fourteen botanicals including thyme, coriander, Iris root and Jamaican pepper gives an exceptional mouth feel to the final blend.
Bombay Original Dry Gin /  England / 43%
Bombay Original Gin, the creation of Allan Subin  in the late 1950's, has moved from a new gin  of its time to a traditional London Dry Gin as consumers were exposed to the modernisation  of the category, lead by Bombay Sapphire  in the late 1980's. Our challenge was to create new packaging, using existing glass, to challenge other gins within its competitive  set and provide new reasons for consumers to consider Bombay Original Gin once again in its own right.

Bombay Sapphire Gin /  England / 40%
Bombay Sapphire has a unique distillation process: There are only four Carterhead stills working in the world today and are distinctive to Bombay Sapphire. Unlike other gins which boil their botanicals with the spirit, the Bombay spirit is distilled alone. To achieve the unique flavour, the spirit passes through the botanicals in vapour form. This allows each delicate aroma to be fully absorbed. The result is a complex, yet subtle taste sensation. Triple distilled, 100% neutral grain spirit is heated into vapour form. Vapour is sent through the rectifying column, unique to a Carterhead still. The baffle system, situated in the column, allows only the purest spirit to pass through. The selection and balance of their botanicals is based on a recipe dating from 1761.
Bombay Sapphire East Dry Gin /  England / 42%
An edition of Bombay Sapphire's gin inspired by the flavours of the east, adding Thai Lemongrass and Vietnamese Black Peppercorns for more spice and a hint of citrus.
Boodles British Gin /  England / 40%
Boodles British Gin was named after the London gentleman's club of the same name. Made in Warrington, it contains nine botanicals. These are juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, angelica seed, cassia bark, caraway, nutmeg, rosemary and sage. This has less overt juniper notes than some other gins, but still makes a fantastic G&T.

Botanic W&H Premium London Dry Gin /  England / 40%
A gin of outstanding quality, distilled in the Langley Distillery, founded in 1920 in Birmingham, just above an old, deep water source. Botanic London Dry Gin gets its authoritative personality of Williams & Humbert by the fusion of a variety of more than 100% natural botanicals that give the gin its delicate and elegant balanced taste. It is made from the finest English grain and distilled three times, using the following ingredients: juniper, mandarin, thyme, coriander, lemon, cinnamon, peppermint, chamomile, anise, sweet oranges, almonds, cardamom and mango.

Botanic W&H Premium Blue London Dry Gin /  England / 45%
Prepared under four processes of distillation in stills following the English tradition. The gin is distilled in Langley Botanic Distillery, founded in the twenties on natural water springs. The keys to its special aroma and smoothness on the palate are found in the quality of pure grain English alcohol, their traditional distillation process in old copper stills and the nature of its botanicals. The presence of Buddha's Hand, a citrus fruit of oriental origin, which is also transferred to the image of the drink, an original square bottle (shaped like a cube of ice), with embossed silhouettes of this citrus tree and face of a young Buddha.

Botanist Islay Dry Gin /  Scotland / 46%
An exciting and unusual gin from Islay whisky distillery Bruichladdich, The Botanist is made in a Lomond still christened Ugly Betty and contains no fewer than 31 botanicals, of which 22 are native to the Southern Hebridean island itself. These latter include the likes of Mugwort, Meadow Sweet and the enigmatic Lady's Bedstraw flowers, and the resultant dry gin is described, perhaps unsurprisingly, as 'floral'.

Boudier Saffron Gin / France  /  40%
The extraordinary (all-natural) colour of Boudier's Saffron gin is all from the gin's signature ingredient - the most expensive spice in the world.

Brecon Special Reserve Gin / Wales  /  40%
Awarded "Gold Best in Class" in the Worldwide Gin 40% category at the International Wines & Spirits Competition 2011, the clarity and purity of this gin prevails in the clear tall glass bottle which also perfectly highlights the diverse range of botanicals. The list of botanicals and the naturalness of this gin will define a new category of drinkers. Taken neat, Brecon gin is a big traditional juniper gin laced with coriander and revealing hints of spicy cinnamon.

Brockmans Gin / England  /  40%
Brockmans is an intensely smooth Gin that tastes great over ice. The flavour notes that make Brockmans so unique, are derived from an intriquing and unique bond of flavoures. The Bulgarian coriander plays its part, it has an aromatic, almost gingery orange flavour, which marries beautifully with the softer, more rounded harmonies of blueberries and blackberries. This inspired combination, together with the dry, bitter sweet peel of Valencia oranges, prolong the deeper tones and serve to give Brockmans its intensely smooth, beautiful taste.

Broker's Premium London Dry Gin / England  /  47%
Made with the finest herbs, spices and fruit imported from the continents, Broker's Gin is specially blended to be dry...not unlike the British sense of humour. The rich mixture of natural ingredients, each carefully selected, produces a drink of outstanding flavour and freshness. Broker's is the perfect basis for a gina nd tonic, unquestionably one of life's great pleasures. An extremely high quality gin designed to compete with the best brands in the world. It is made from 100% English grain, quadruple distilled and flavoured with 10 botanicals. It is the world's first gin to be presented in a humorous format, which we believe is appropriate to the occasions in which gin is best enjoyed.

Bulldog Gin / England  /  40%
Natural Poppy. Dragon Eye. Lotus Leaves. Together with hints of crisp citrus, give this balanced breed a provocative twist. Quadruple distilled, using traditional copper-pots, this irresistible spirit is ultra-refined, and doesn't bite like those harsh, old gins. Contains dragon eye (Also known as Longan (first cousin to Lychee fruit), poppy, lotus leaves, lemon, almond, cassia, lavender, Orris, liquorice, angelica, coriander and juniper.

Caorunn Gin / Scotland  /  41.8%
A unique fusion of pure Scottish Highland water, six traditional and five Celtic botanicals, hand-infused in a Copper-Berry Chamber for an invigorating naturally balanced taste. It is dry and crisp, full bodied and aromatic, with a sweet touch.

Ca'n Vidalet 11 Dry Gin / Majorca  /  40%
The first Gin of Majorca!  11 stands for the number of Mediterranean botanics from which the gin was distilled. Elegant and pure, with a subtle bouquet of floral and citrus notes, which fully unfold on the palate. Whether with tonic, as a martini or pure "on the rocks" -11 Dry Gin gives your cocktail an unmistakable aroma. Produced in Alcudia-Pollenca.

Citadelle Reserve 2010 / France  /  44%
Citadelle Gin Reserve is the only gin worldwide refined 6 months in old oak casks. With a unique know-how in the ageing art of Cognac, our cellar master - Frederic Gilbert - wanted to find out what refining in wood could bring to Citadelle Gin, since the complexity and structure seemed to lend itself to such an experience. This age long recipe will lead lovers of spirits to discover what could be gin many centuries ago, long before the modern technology appearance.
Cork Dry Gin / Ireland  /  37,5%
Cork Dry Irish Gin is the premier gin of Ireland. It is the number one selling gin in Ireland. Its combination of juniper berry, lemon, lime, coriander and Cork Dry Gin's mystery ingredient give it its uniquely refreshing flavour profile. Cork Dry Irish Gin an intensely perfumed spirit shows an aggressive nose with a strong bouquet of juniper berries and buttery low notes. It exudes confidence in layers of outdoory flavours, including juniper, camphor, fresh cedar, and coriander.

Cream Gin [Worship Street Whistling Shop] / England / 43,8%
A small batch gin produced originally for London's Worship Street Whistling Shop, an excellent cocktail emporium where they have been experimenting with old recipes and spirits. This is a London Dry Gin that uses fresh cream as a 'botanical', with interesting results.

Cremorne 1859 Colonel Fox Gin / England / 40%
A retro labelled London Dry Gin distilled in, appropriately, London. It's got a clean juniper led flavour with traditional backup botanicals and a bit of liquorice. And it's got a Fox in a military uniform on the bottle - what more could you want?
Crown Jewel Gin / England  /  50%
A sister gin to Beefeater, Crown Jewel was launched in 1993 and became a favourite by virtue of its potency and intense aromatic palate. Sadly now discontinued, so fans should stock up while they can.

Danica Gin / Denmark  /  44.7%
A Danish gin with its own unique character. Distilled in our own recipe with 11 carefully matched herbs, roots and berries. Braunstein Danica Gin is best enjoyed slightly chilled and is thanks to alcohol and the concentrated flavor perfect for Gin & Tonic and other drinks.

D.H. Krahn Gin / USA  /  40%
Founded by Dave Hughes and Scott Krahn, who decided when graduating from Cornell in New York that they would take their class project and make it happen. A classic London Gin style with distinctive citrus notes, obtained from macerating and re-distilling neutral spirit with only six specially chosen botanicals in a patent Stupfler pot still.
Dodd's Gin / England  /  49,9%
Dodd's Gin is a ground breaking new release from the Clapham-based London Distillery Company and sets a new benchmark for UK craft gin. It's named after Ralph Dodd, who back in 1807 had planned to build a distillery in London for the creation of British spirits. Ralph's dream sadly crumbled however, much like a number of bridges and tunnels he designed. Produced in miniscule quantities via an extremely small batch process, Dodd’s is a must-have for any serious Gin lover.

Edinburgh Gin / Scotland  /  43%
Edinburgh Gin is produced by the Spencerfield Spirits Co., who have created a modern Scottish gin in the time-honoured fashion, including unusual botanicals such as heather and milk thistle. A very easy-drinking gin, this could be a winner.

Fifty Pounds Gin / England  /  43.5%
The scene takes place in London, under the reign of George II at the beginning of the 18th century, a period known as the Gin Craze, when one in three houses distilled and sold very dubious quality gin. In order to stop the excesses of this situation a tax of 50 pounds (excessive in anyone's eyes) was imposed by means of a legal notice regarding gin, which is known as the Gin Act 1736. After 6 years only two distilleries paid the tax. The distillers of this gin have privately maintained an original recipe for many years which, due to the work involved and its high quality, was ironically known as Fifty Pounds amongst them in honour of the Gin Act 1736. Fifty pounds gin is a grain spirit distilled four times is taken as the base, this means it is neutral, the botanicals are steeped in this alcohol for at least two days, after which time it will be distilled slowly in a hundred-year-old John Dore still (known as the Rolls Royce of stills).

Foxdenton - London Dry Gin / England  /  48%
Regulations surrounding the production of London dry gin dictate that nothing may be added after distillation. The flavour of botanicals will change in the distillation process so Fox Denton disconvered a unique combination of botanicals which was an extremely time consuming process as every trial batch needed to be distilled from scratch. However, as Fox Denton were making a London Dry Gin, a protected designation, any such additions after distillation were not allowed. They were only allowed to use natural flavourings and they chose to use organic botanicals only.

Geranium - London Dry Gin / England  /  44%
Geranium Premium London Dry Gin was developed according to a tradition that is over 350 years old. It is the result of an unprecedented combination of the passion for gin and the skillful precision which classical scientific training gives. Geranium Gin will blend in perfectly both dry and sweet mixers, and add a superior quality to any Gin cocktail.

Get Back Pink Gin / Spain  /  40%
Since 1884 and from Amurrio in the Basque Country, the distilley Acha has been manufacturing liqueurs and spirits with high quality. Get Back, a based premium gin made of grain alcohol, purified water and natural flavors brings us back to the essential basis of gin, juniper. It is a premium gin, complex, smooth and delicate with an incredibly elegant expression of aromas and flavor. This gin is made in copper stills since 1880 and has been distilled five times.

Gibson's London Dry Gin / England  /  37.5%
GIBSON’S Gin is a real London Dry Gin, produced according to the original recipe, which certifies its genuine & high quality. It is distilled in England from the best selection of grains. With its juniper, coriander, and orange peels aromas, GIBSON’S Gin developps a fine and very delicate bouquet, which freshness is much appreciated by connoisseurs.

Gilbey's 'London Dry' Gin / USA  /  46%
Gilbey's London 'Dry Style' gin made in the US, has a very strong flavour and is reasonably smooth.

Gin No. 209 / San Fransisco Gin / USA  /  46%
A quality new potstill American gin made in very small batches and distilled five times for extra purity, using natural botanicals that are macerated overnight in the still. "...I rarely drink hard liquor, but I must say this was the smoothest gin I have ever had." - Robert Parker
Gin Mare Mediterranean / Spain  /  42.7%
Mare is a Mediterranean gin flavoured with four principal botanicals: basil, thyme, rosemary and, most unusual of all, the Arbequina olive. Alongside juniper, cardamom and citrus, these different botanicals create a strangely arresting gin: you know when you'd had a Mare.
Gin MG / Spain /   40%
This is a London Dry gin type, obtained by double distillation, traditional gins of this type. Botanists used are the classics of this type of gin, no news of any special is employed. The final product is transparent, clean and bright with aromas of juniper, herbs and slightly resinous, and flavored with juniper and predominance of long and bitter end.

Ginbery's Gin / Spain /   37.5%
Distilled using the traditional method London Dry Gin Ginbery's is one gin high quality with an impeccable careful presentation to the detail. Indispensable most cherished premises.
Following the traditional Distilled London Dry Gin method, Ginbery's is a high-quality gin with an immaculate presentation.
Ginebra San Miguel Gin / Philippines / 40%
Ginebra San Miguel, known locally as GSM, is the World’s Best Selling Gin. Never heard of it? Perhaps that’s because it is a largely domestic spirit made for the Philippine home-market. This market accounts for over 46% of the Global Gin Market, in the Philipeans Ginebra San Miguel has a market share of over 60%. The gin was established in 1834 and it is a dutch-type gin made from selected spirits and botanical extracts. The predominant flavor emanates from juniper berries that are imported from Europe.

Giro Gin / Spain  /  37.5%
Gordon's Gin / England  /  37.5%
The behemoth of the industry needs no introduction, surely? Gordon's gin is one of the top ten-selling spirits in the world, and has been made to the same recipe since the late 18th Century.

Gordon's London Dry Gin - Yellow Label / England  /  43%
In 1769 Alexander Gordon, a Londoner of Scottish descent, opened a distillery in the Southwark area of London, and set about refining his recipe for a spirit named Gordon's London Dry Gin. This 43% ABV version is distilled to his original recipe. When bottled at 43% alcohol by volume, it ensures the botancials are locked into the alcohol, unlike sub 40% gins, and therefore delivers on all levels. The original Gordon's gin used to make James Bond's Vesper cocktail.
Gordon's Sloe Gin / England  /  26%
A delicious gin liqueur made by steeping fresh sloeberries in the ever-popular Gordon's gin. Best served long over ice on a hot summer's day.

Greenall's Original Dry Gin / England  /  40%
G&J Greenall have been preparing and blending quality gin since 1761. Greenall’s Original London Dry Gin is still made to the original family recipe and its smooth taste is a testament to the exacting standards set by their head distiller, Joanne Moore (one of the few female master distillers in the world). Containing eight different botanicals including cassia bark and ground almonds, it is distilled four times and bottled at 40%. It has a distinct citrus twang on the nose and a smooth finish. It would be easy to describe Greenall’s as a classic London Dry as piney juniper, coriander spices and citrus notes come to the fore and it delivers exactly what you expect – a decent gin.

G'Vine Floraison Gin / France  /  40%
One of a new wave of premium gins seeking to get away from the traditional London Dry style. G'Vine is made with grape spirit instead of normal grain spirit and includes the green grape flower in its botanicals. A deliciously fresh gin.

G'Vine Nouaison Gin / France  /  43.9%
A higher-strength limited edition variant from G'Vine, whose standard bottling is also extremly classy gin. Nouaison is batch-distilled in a copper potstill and flavoured with fresh botaniocals including the grape flower.

Hayman's 1820 Gin Liqueur / England  /  40%
Hayman's 1820 is the world's first Gin Liqueur created Christopher and James Hayman, direct descendants of James Burrough, who in 1820 founded Beefeater Gin.
Hayman's 1820 is made from 100% pure grain spirit, which, together with a unique blend of botanicals, is London distilled five times.
At 40% strength, Hayman's guarantees a cool, clean drink with a hint of sweetness, providing a refreshing yet subtly satisfying clear liqueur. Hayman's 1820 will appeal to those who enjoy both gin and liqueur.

Hendrick's Gin / Scotland  /  41.4%
A superb, and utterly unique, pink-tinged gin from William Grant's. Infused with rose petals and cucumber as well as the normal botanicals, this is a must for all gin-lovers.
In the Summertime, Hendrick's makes a fantastically refreshing Gin & Tonic: serve in a tall glass with plenty of ice and garnish with thinly-sliced cucumber - delicious!
Hernö Artisan Gin / Sweden  /  40.5%
A London Dry style gin distilled at the Hernö Bränneri in the town Härnösand on the north east coast of Sweden. They use a homemade wheat spirit as the base and steep their 8 botanicals for 18 hours before distilling in a 250 litre copper still (called Kerstin), hand labelling and bottling at 40.5% abv.
Hernö Navy Strength Gin / Sweden  /  57%
This is a Navy Strength version of Herno's organic, artisan gin, produced in small, numbered batches. Fresh as a huge bundle of daisies, although we didn't smell any daisies. We would have changed it to "Fresh as a big bundle of pine trees and herbs", but that doesn't make much sense. For a Navy strength gin, it's surprisingly mild, certainly milder than the regular Herno Dry. It's geared much more towards a creamy, vanilla taste.

Hogarth Premium Gin / England  /  37.5%
Over two centuries ago, Hogarth set standards of excellance which have stood the test of time. This superlative London gin is of a quality worthy of his namn.

Hven Organic Gin / Sweden  /  40%
Spirit of Hven Organic Gin is a true handcrafted distilled gin produced from fresh botanicals which are infused for 24 hours with the finest quality organic grain spirit. Following infusion, distillation is carried out in the unique copper pot stills of Hven. These stills have long graceful necks which promote the development of the classic Spirit of Hven Organic Gin profile. The result is an outstanding luxury gin with the delicate aromas and taste of citrus, juniper and grains of paradise.

Imagin Gin / Sweden  /  40%
A deliciously mellow gin, from the people who brought us Seriously vodka. Imagin is a blueish colour, flavoured with 13 botanicals and stylishly packaged.

Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin / Denmark  /  44%
Isfjord Arctic Premium Gin is the only gin in the world produced in our own recipe with 11 carefully selected herbs, roots and berries and distilled on the world's purest water from the Greenland Ice Sheet. The gin is a premium gin with a unique soft taste of juniper, bergamot, angelica root, orange and cardamom. Enjoy this unique gin "On The Rocks" or as a classic Gin & Tonic.
-ish London Dry Gin / England  /  41%
Whilst modern in it's presentation, -ish returns to a traditional London Dry style using botanicals including coriander seed, angelica root, almond, orris root, nutmeg, cinnamon, cassia, liquorices, lemon & orange peel and with an "extra shot" of Juniper (almost double of a standard London Dry). Ish has a much higher concentration of bespoke gin to alcohol and water providing a very smooth and full mouth-feel, this along with the extra juniper makes -ish unique and distinguishable.

Johnsen Club Dry Gin / Germany  /  37.5%
Producer: Ruckforth.
Proper and rugged juniper, otherwise very clean in taste.

Josephine Gin / France  /  40%
A French gin named after Napoleon's missus. Josephine gin is made by Camus, the ancient and prestigious cognac house, and is designed to appeal to female drinkers with its soft, floral flavours and exceptional smoothness.

Junipero Gin / USA  /  49.3%
The Anchor Distilling Company, established in 1993, is dedicated to creating very small batches of traditionally distilled spirits of many types and styles. Junipero Gin is flavoured with more than a dozen botanicals by redistilling neutral spirit in a small copper pot still. The Junipero carries a rich fruity palate, with citrus interaction followed by juniper, coriander and liquorice freshness, rooty hints, and a burst of citrus zest in the finish.
Kalinka London Dry Gin / Norway  /  37.5%
The scent of citrus with the touch of juniper. Light mouthfeel that quickly disappears. Raw citrus taste in the finish.

King Robert II Gin / England  /  43%
King Robert II Gin is a traditionally produced double-distilled, London Dry Gin. Its harmonious taste comes from a wide selection of natural botanicals including juniper berries, orange and lemon peel and cardamom.

Landon's Premium London Dry Gin / Spain  /  40%

Larios 12 Botanicals Premium Gin / Spain  /  40%
Larios's premium gin, made with a mix of 12 botanicals. Quintuple distilled, with orange blossom added during the final distillation.

Larios London Dry Gin / Spain  /  40%
Larios Dry Gin is a Spanish gin-type London Dry, which bodes for a dry taste and a high quality. Larios is one of Europe's best selling ginvarumärken and it has, inter alia, first prize in the Wine & Spirit International Blind Tasting in London. The foundation for today's producer Larios was in 1866 with the start of Jiménez & Lamothe Company in Malaga.

Lebensstern Superior Pink Gin / Germany  /  40%
A very special pink gin made for the Lebensstern bar in Berlin's Cafe Einstein, with the addition of aromatic bitters from the Bitter Truth.

Leopold's American Gin / USA  /  40%
Hand crafted, hand bottled, hand labelled, and hand numbered, this small batch gin is truly unique. Master distiller Todd Leopold handicrafts every batch in a small 40-gallon copper still, blending uniquely American botanicals like hand-zested Florida Oranges and California Pummelos. These components lend citrus notes to the gin, and help distinguish American gins from their English counterparts. All botanicals are distilled in fractions, meaning that each component of gin is distilled separately and then blended together to create the finished spirit.

Life Guard Dry Gin / Italy  /  38%

Liviko Gin / Estonia  /  38%

London Hill Dry Gin / Scotland  /  43%
London Hill Dry Gin is a crisp gin, with a bias towards subtle citrus tones that come from ribbons of citrus peels including lemon and sweet orange. This, along with the other carefully selected botanicals gives a spicy fruit edge and delivers an exceptionally smooth and refined gin. Introduction of new black and metallic silver labelling with fine gold touches, adds further value to the brand. "Since 1785" heritage.

L.O. Smith Gin / Sweden  /  37.5%
According to the producer, J&J Nordic AB, the L.O. Smith Gin is the "one and only" gin produced in Sweden, excellent for classic, and new cocktails.
In my collection you can still find other swedish gins.....

Lord Patrick Dry Gin / Belgium  /  37.5%
Fine old gin, double distillation. Produced by Konings Distillery in Zonhoven, Belgium.
Straight or in a cocktail: the unique flavour of Lord Patrick is generously present.
Try a "John Collins": one glass of Lord Patrick, the juice of half a lemon and one spoonful of powder sugar. Shake well and serve with ice and soda: delecious !

Magellan Gin / France  /  44%
Blue colour with a high level of transparency. Smells points spicy, earthy and slightly citrus. The taste is spicy notes of clove and pepper, earthy notes of roots, which are evolving into the cinnamon and cardamom to the accompaniment of orange. The ending gives us a slightly bitter aftertaste contrasted with flowers.

Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength Gin / England  /  45.2%
A deluxe high-strength gin, awarded 97 points and the title 'Spirit of the Year 2003' by the Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute (BTI), the world’s largest and most powerful drinks testing organisation.
Masters Premium London Dry Gin / Spain  /  40%
This is a London Dry gin type of 40.0% alc./vol., obtained by triple distillation, a back with the grain and two with different botanical components. Botanists used are the classics of this type of gin, no news of any special is employed. The final product is crystalline, clean and bright with aromas of juniper, pine and herbs and bottom is soft, medium bodied and slightly spicy.

Mombasa Club Gin / England  /  41.5%
Mombasa Club is a classically juniper-forward gin with a citrus and herbal finish and is perfect for aperitif cocktails and mixed drinks. On the nose, it unveils the subtlety of the most exotic botanic spices: Angelica root, Cassia bark, Coriander seed with a notable, long-lasting background of Juniper berries. The gin is produced in small batches.

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin / Germany  /  47%
Hits of fresh citrus and ripe juniper on the nose followed by a vegetal and slightly wooded finish that's extremely complex and robust. A big kick of rewarding flavour greets the palate with a clean mouth feel. Foresty and aromatic flavours continue across the entire palate until you are left with an exotically perfumed and flowery finish. The old apothecary style bottle and hand-drawn label have garnered recognition worldwide and brought Monkey 47 Gin nine design awards. In 2011, the premium gin was also awarded the World Spirits Award of Gold in the Gin category and Gold for best in class for the Gin Worldwide at the International Wine and Spirits Competition London.

Nils Oscar Gin / Tärnö Gin / Sweden  /  41.5%
Tärnö Gin has a soft , yet fresh and crisp character of the choicest ingredients. It is produced by the requirements labeled organic grain and flavored with organic spices as juniper, lilac, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander and lemon.
The delicious flavour is achieved by the mixture of spices carefully distilled in the distillery at Tärnö Manor in the heart of the Sörmländska countryside in Sweden. Tärnö Gin can be drunk in solitary majesty, or in drinks as Dry Martini or Gin & Tonic.

No.0 - Number Zero Gin / Spain  /  40%
A gin trying to keep the essence of the original recipe and an attractive alternative history, multiple distillations and originality that gives her extra ingredient. The brand assumes a secret recipe, but it presents and does the same emblem: the infusion of Peruvian natural quinine as an ingredient differentiator of this gin.

No.1 - Super Premium Dry Gin / Sweden  /  37.5%
No. 1 gin is produced in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It is a smooth and refreshing high quality gin, with both the taste and smell from juniper. No.1 has chosen to satisfy all your senses by prioritizing flavor and smell as well as color. What you accomplish by this is that it is easy to use the products. It taste good, smell good and look good if you want to drink them on the rocks or if you wish you can add some sprite and have a delicious drink ready in no time.

No.3 - London Dry Gin / Holland  /  40%
No.3 is distilled to a proprietary recipe of Berry Bros. & Rudd, London's oldest wine and spirit merchant. The name No.3 refers to the address in St James's Street, London.
'A Taste of Tradition': With juniper at its heart, it unashamedly celebrates the integrity and character of traditional London Dry Gin: three fruits and three spices distilled in traditional copper pot stills.

Old Raj Gin / Scotland  /  55%
A remarkable gin, infused with a large amount of saffron, a rare and costly spice derived from the crocus flower. In addition to a slightly spicy flavour, this also gives the gin a pale yellow colour. This is a superstrength version of the the standard one, awarded 96 points by Wine Enthusiast (Feb 2000). Makes an excellent flavoursome (and extra potent) Martini.
Opihr Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin / England  /  40%
A premium spiced gin from the folks behind Quintessential vodka. Along with some of the regular botanicals you'd expect in an London Dry they also infused cubeb from Indonesia, black pepper from India and Moroccan Coriander for a uniquely spicy flavour.
Origin London Dry Gin - Arezzo / Italy  /  46%
Origin is a cold-distilled juniper-only gin, made using juniper from one specific location. This allows gin lovers to explore the effect of terroir, a unique proposition in the world of artisan gin. With each bottle comes a small 10ml vial of cold-distilled mixture of botanicals allowing you to transform the spirit into a more traditional gin if you so desire. The juniper in this bottle comes from the sunny slopes of Arezzo, Italy.

Oxley Gin / England  /  47%
Oxley is a revolutionary English gin with a fresh, bright and intense gin taste. Unlike any other spirit, Oxley is made without the use of heat via an innovative Cold Distillation process. Cold Distillation occurs at -5c, capturing the natural flavours of the botanicals and preserving them in the final spirit. Only 240 bottles of Oxley can be produced each day, making this a truly rare and exclusive spirit.

Palmbridge Dry Gin / Majorca  /  37.5%
The colour is transparent and smells aromatic and fresh with a taste of herbs, citrus and a little anise. Produced by Antonio Nadal S.A.

Pink 47 London Dry Gin / England  /  47%
Pink 47, London Dry Gin is distilled with 12 botanicals carefully selected from around the globe. Italian Juniper berries give the classic foundation, supported by two different types of angelica and two different corianders. Citrus fruits and almonds from Spain are expertly balanced with West African nutmeg and several exotic spices from the Orient. The result is crisp, complex and multi-faceted - like the fabulous Khavaraya pink diamond itself. At 47% alcohol, it is strong too, the correct strength for a perfect martini.

Plymouth Gin / Imported / England  /  41.2%
Hand crafted in the original copper-pot stills at England's oldest working gin distillery. Plymouth Gin documents from 1896 as the original base for the first dry martini and is the only gin consistantly specified in the Savoy Cocktail Book - the bible of mixed drinks. Plymouth Gin's unique blend of botanicals combine with soft Dartmoor water to create this impeccable and uncorrupted taste.
Plymouth Gin / New Presentation / England  /  41.2%
An elegant redesign of Plymouth, matching up their much respected and geographically protected gin with an old school chunky bottle and their traditional branding. A must have for any home cocktail bar or lovers of a gin and tonic.

Plymouth Navy Strength Gin / England  /  57%
For almost two centuries, Her Majesty's Naval Fleet was sustained by Plymouth Gin and no ship left port without a bottle of Navy Strength 100 proof (57% abv) on board. For some it is the ultimate gin, with a rich but very balanced taste that takes a Martini or a Gin and Tonic to a new level. Perfect for the demands of today's more adventurous spirit drinkers and mixologists. The 57% ABV amplifies the aroma and fragrance of the botanicals, yet retains the smooth and balanced character Plymouth Gin is renowned for.
Portobello Road No.171 London Dry Gin / England  /  42%
Enjoy high tea with a dash of gin. In ode to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, Portobello Road Gin has launched a limited-edition bottle that is individually numbered and signed by the brand’s proprietors. A gin specially designed by Jake Burger from the Portobello Star, home of the London Ginstitute. A solid and traditional London Dry Gin, distilled in West London. A traditional blend of nine botanicals, the gin has a bit citrus flavour and a warm nutmeg finish. Only 500 available.
Professor Cornelius Bathtub Gin / England  /  48.8%
Produced by the enigmatic Professor Cornelius Ampleforth, this extraordinary gin is infused with ingredients including Juniper, Orange Peel, Coriander, Cinnamon, Cloves and Cardomom for a bold and perfumed flavour. The brown paper and string packaging, influenced by Victorian apothecary vessels, gives the bottle real impact. A very smooth and rounded style of gin, this is most at home when served in a Martini or used as the base for Martinez, Collins and Gin Fizz recipes.

Raffles London Dry Gin / England  /  40%
Producer: William Maxwell
Raffles London Dry Gin, is a traditionally produced double distilled Gin made using a unique selection of over a dozen botanicals.

Reval Dry Gin / Estonia  /  40%

Right Gin / Sweden  /  57%
The initial taste is a warm, nutty spice delivered by the classic botanical elements (juniper, cardamom and coriander leaf). This is followed by a citrus 'experience' that comes up in the back of the mouth, delivering a clean, crisp finish to the palate through a combination of Sicilian lemon and bergamot and West Indian lime and bitter orange. At the very end, a pepper note comes up, leaving a pleasant, dry sensation. It is produced with water from the lake 'Bolmen' in the district 'Small Country' of Sweden.

Saare Gin / Estonia  /  40%

Sacred Gin / England  /  40%
A creamy aromatic gin with a bouquet of juniper berries, fresh cut orange, lime and lemon, combined with cardanon angelica and enhanced by distilled Frankincens (Boswelia Sacra) from which the name is derived. The gin is hand-distilled in London, UK.
This bottle of Sacred Gin has been hand-crafted by award winning boutique microdistiller Ian Hart, Highgate, London. His microdistillery uses 9 of the purest botanicals plus lush inspired by the 17th Century Encyclopedia Hortus includes Malabaricus. This is one of only a few hundred bottles produced each month and carries a unice bottle nuber MMIX – 17697.

Seagram's Distiller's Reserve Gin 102 Proof / USA  /  51%
Seagram's Distiller's Reserve is an American gin, hugely popular in its homeland (where the standard Seagram's Extra Dry is the No.1 brand). This variant has been bottled at a rather potent 51% abv (102 US proof), and is recommended served very cold, neat or on the rocks.

Sheriton Dry Gin / Spain  /  37.5%
Description: Sheriton - Ginebra - Dry Gin
Manufacturer: Moreno, S. A., Fuente de la Salud 2, Córdoba, Spain
Content: 0,70 l
% vol . alc. : 37.5%

Sipsmith London Dry Gin / England  /  41.6%
The spirits are distilled on a handmade 300L copper-pot still, the first to launch in London for 190 years. The master distller, Jared Brown, crafts each product by hand, in genuinely small batches - never more than 500 bottles a time, often considerably less. This delivers stunning spirits that are smooth, full of charater and have true intensity of flavour. Sipsmith's London Dry Gin is distilled from the finest English Barley spirit with 10 carefully selected botanicals, and blended with the exceptionally pure water of Lydwell spring, one of the sources of the River Thames. The result is an interpretation of the classic London Dry style that nods to its heritage and emerges as a particularly dry gin with a wonderful burst of juniper and a zesty, citrus freshness.
Sipsmith Sloe Gin 2012 / England  /  29%
Continuing the success of the last couple of years this is the 2012 vintage of Sipsmith's Sloe Gin. Made from their award-winning gin and rather a lot of sloe berries it's a big and fruity liqueur that's great for summer drinking on ice or nursing in front of the fire in winter.

Star Gin / Norge  /  37.5%
Fresh and clear juniper character with spicy hints of coriander with a distinct flavor of juniper and citrus. Long and dry aftertaste. Very balanced character. Star Dry Gin has for many decades been Sweden's most popular gin. It has a distinct and well-balanced taste with a distinct character of distilled juniper berries, coriander and curacaoshell among other spices and herbs. Star Dry Gin stands up very well in competition with international brands. In year 2000 the Star Dry Gin won gold in the International Wine and Spirit Competition, which is one of the most prestigious wine and spirits competitions in the world.

Suau Gin / Majorca  /  43%
This gin is produced in the Balearic Islands, made with a base of distillate of English grain of 74 degrees after distillation and using thins with water from the Pyrenees to the ideal setting. This London Dry Gin uses a recipe for botanists with more than 4 decades of history, that with the rapid resurgence of the Gin has adapted to the new times and has improved its qualities.
Svensk Gin / Sweden  /  40%

Tanqueray Export Strength Gin / England  /  43.1%
A slightly lighter version of the classic Tanqueray style introduced in 1999. The alcohol may be lighter, but thankfully the palate remains as good as ever. Clear and pungent, with citrus and juniper aromas. Very flavoursome with a tart cut, snappy spice and alcoholic heat on the finish.
Tanqueray Malacca Gin / England  /  40%
Tanqueray Malacca is a limited edition relaunch of an expression the brand pulled from production in 2001. The decision to reintroduce this gin was made due to high demand from cocktail revivalist bartenders amongst whom the product acquired a cult status. Resembling an Old Tom gin in style, Tanqueray Malacca is produced using a secret blend of spices and has a gentle sweetness to it which makes it perfect for using in classic gin cocktails. Only 100,000 bottles have been produced, and with a soaring global demand this expression will not be around for very long.

Tanqueray No.10 Gin / England  /  47.3%
Tanqueray has a new member to this international gin brand. Called Tanqueray No. 10, the small batch distillation product is crafted with hand-picked whole fruit botanicals and is distilled four times. Described as "sublimely fresh with depth and a complex flavour with a mouth-feel that can only be described as unctuous", Tanqueray No. 10 is highlighted by flavours of grapefruit, orange and lime and mellowed by juniper and camomile.

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin / England  /  41.3%
Tanqueray is one of our favourite gins, so any new variant is something to be happy about. This is brilliant stuff, flavoured with Rangpur limes - a zesty and very juicy Indian variety. The results are lip-smackingly delicious.

The Duke Munich Dry Gin / Germany  /  45%
An original Munich gin, in the heart of Schwabing, with superb features organic. Captivates both taste as well as his loving design. Taste and nose: lemon and orange, earthy and subtle juniper. Delicate notes of lavender. Overall, slightly spicy and very balanced. Rounded by typical Bavarian hops and malt.

The London Gin - No.1 Original Blue / England  /  47%
Quadruple distilled in small batches under the careful eye of Master Distiller Charles Maxwell, The London Gin is made from the highest quality English grain spirit and contains with 13 key botanicals. To the traditional juniper, coriander and angelica are added lemon peel, cassia bar, liquorice, cinnamon, almond, angelica, savory, orris root and orange root. It also uniquely contains gardenia and bergamot - that instantly recognisable perfumed aroma most often encountered in Earl Grey tea.The pot still method of production ensures that only small batches of London Gin are produced at any one time, ensuring a constant quality threshold. The London Gin also presents itself with a turquoise-blue hue - 'The Original Blue Gin'.
Vincent van Gogh Gin / Holland  /  47%
Vincent van Gogh Gin is a gin of exceptional quality, Vincent Van Gogh Gin was introduced in 1999 and combines brilliantly seductive botanical ingredients to produce an exceptionally soft and complex gin to create. Vincent van Gogh Gin is a gin with subtle and pure flavors that blend together in harmonieuz, soft aromas of citrus tempered by hints of licorice. The bouquet of flavors that includes cassia bark and liquorice that are delicious to combine.
Warner Edwards Elderflower Infused Gin / England  /  40%
Founded less than a year ago by friends Tom Warner and Sion Edwards, Northamptonshire-based distiller Warner Edwards is the latest exciting artisan gin producer to emerge from the UK in a golden age for the category. Following the release of their critically acclaimed Harrington Dry Gin, Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin is a limited release special edition expression that is produced with an infusion of Elderflower petals.

Whitley Neill Gin / England  /  42%
Whitley Neill is an independent, family run company with 4 generations of distilling heritage behind it. The fruit of the African Baobab Tree, the "Tree of Life", and Cape Gooseberries (Physalis). Using traditional methods but contemporary botanicals, Whitley Neill is distilled in very small batches in an antique copper pot still (over 100 years old), ensuring the highest quality for each batch. Unlike harsher 'Old style' London Dry Gins the softer, flavour profile of Whitley Neill means that it can also be drunk neat over ice.

Williams Chase Elegant Crisp Gin / England  /  48%
A deliciously tasty gin from the highly innovative Williams Chase distillery in Herefordshire. Not content with knocking out the delightful Chase potato vodka, they've now bottled this wonderfully fresh (and pleasantly potent) gin, distilled from their own organically grown apples. Bravo!
Williams Extra Dry Gin / England  /  40%
Since making the obvious step from crisp production to spirits(!), Chase have produced a number of outstanding products. This Extra Dry Gin is one of them, containing a list of botanicals including cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, cloves and liquorice - all of which combine to provide a humming spiciness. Juniper, dark chocolate and citrus zest lead up front resulting in a lively and complex gin.

Xoriguer Gin / Mahon / Spain /  38%
A cult gin, Xoriguer hails from the port of Mahon in the Balearic island of Menorca, and is one of the only gins in the world (alongside Plymouth) to have a geographical indication, Gin de Menorca. Gin has been made on Menorca since the time of the British occupation in the 18th century and Xoriguer commands a devoted following of happy travellers. Unusually, Xoriguer is made in wood-fired potstills from distilled wine (eau-de-vie) rather than the more usual grain-based distillate, and is rested in American oak barrels before bottling.

Zephyr Blue Gin / USA  /  40%
Along with more traditional botanicals, Blue Zephyr is infused with sweet elderberry and gardenia to create a smooth, premium English gin.
Zephyr is a premium London Dry Gin produced in small batches in a 60 year old copper pot by re-distilling neutral grain spirit with natural botanicals such as juniper berries, citrus peel, and coriander seeds but also elderflower & elderberry.

Zuidam Dry Gin / Holland  /  44.5%
The first gins were produced in Holland in the 1600's. Zuidam Gin, steeped in the tradition of family distilling in Holland produces a world class, exceptionally high quality, small batch gin. The botanicals, spices and herbs used are all natural ingredients; juniper berries & iris root from Italy, coriander from Morocco, angelica root, fresh sweet oranges & lemons from Spain, real vanilla from Madagascar, liquorce root from India and cardamom pods from Ceylon.